Creative Fiction and Poetry

Writing and Being: 

Your Voice Is Who You Are 


The [writer] must learn to think with his heart

and feel with his mind.

——Nadia Boulanger 

Do you want to want to experience more creative intensity, authenticity, and pleasure in your writing?

Keith Cunningham, screenwriter, consultant, psychologist, and a master teacher who has helped thousands of writers through his workshops, brings a special weekend of enhanced creativity training to the Koelner Filmhaus.

This writers’ workshop blends the best creative techniques from the realms of performance, storytelling, dramatic improv, and creativity theory together with the concepts featured in his new book, The Soul of Screenwriting (Continuum, 2008). It will focus on developing the your narrative voices and enhancing the power and drama of your writing. Special attention will be paid to the writer’s creative journey: getting new projects started, working with the throughline or “red thread” of your story, characters and relationships, and dealing with creative blocks.

This special workshop is not for screenwriters alone! If you write novels, short stories, theater plays, or dramatic Web-based stories you will have a lively, enlightening, and profitable time. Likewise, this workshop is recommended for both beginners and more experienced writers. All writing will be done in German or your language of choice; discussions will be in English.


FRIDAYThe many voices within you.

Ø   “Wild writing” exercises – opening the writer’s creative resource.

Ø   Generating dramatic characters from your inner resource.

Ø   Character, consciousness, and conflict: the Hero’s Journey.

Ø   The forms of feeling: a writer’s guide. 


SATURDAY – The stories of our lives and the lives of our stories. 

Ø   The stories we live.

Ø   Organic shapes and dynamics of dramatic stories.

Ø   Story Fields: opening the potential of your stories by taking new perspectives.

Ø   IMPROV: finding the story through voice and enactment.


SUNDAY – The essence of a writer’s style is his voice.

Ø   Shaping raw story material.

Ø   What to look/listen for.

Ø   Leading the reader inside the characters.

Ø   Creating “magic” moments through control of voice.